True North Feed, a wholly owned subsidiary of True North Technologies, supplies a select group of speciality feed ingredients to help you succeed and your livestock thrive.

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  • Patent Pending Technology
  • Feed for the first 21 days after receiving or anytime cattle are stressed
  • To order call 888-603-2459 or your animal health distributor

GP Pro+

GP Pro+ is a new high-quality US origin nutritional supplement that improves pig and sow performance. It contains key nutrients including digestible sources of peptides, amino acids and trace minerals. When incorporated into a balanced diet, GP Pro+ drives feed intake, leading to optimal growth, condition and health.

Developed as a protein source for all animal diets, including livestock, fish, and companion animals. It is a consistent source of US origin essential amino acids.

To order call 888-603-2459 or your animal health distributor

GP Pro+ is an all-natural, high-quality acidified nutritional protein supplement.

  • 75% Crude Protein (minimum)
  • 10% Lysine (minimum)
  • 5% Crude Fiber (maximum)

In a recent study, naturally-raised weanling pigs whose diets contained GP Pro+ ate more feed and gained more weight compared to the control group in field trials, which lasted 49-51 days.

Field Trial Results

  • Increased Intake: 15.18% more feed consumed
  • Increased Gain: 10 pounds (17.54%) higher average finished weight
  • Better Health: Reduced scouring
  • Death loss reduced from 8% to 1.33%

GP Pro+ is spray dried and packaged in the United States under strict FAMI-QS, Safe-Feed/Safe-Food, HACCP and Identity Preserved Standards.


AAG CAL-NAT is a acidified 10% multiple source calcium supplement manufactured with a proprietary process to produce a highly absorbable supplemental calcium.

Mixing Directions: CAL-NAT can be fed anywhere a highly absorbable calcium supplement is needed. Cal Nat is an excellent source of calcium to top dress sows in the immediate prefarrowing period to ensure adequate calcium levels at the time of farrowing.

Consult your nutritionist for feeding levels for your feeding program.

To order call 888-603-2459 or your animal health distributor


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