Elite Show Stock Feed and Supplements That Create Champions

With True North in your corner your animals will:

Have Hide & Hair That Pops

Eat the bottom out of the feeder

Drive like an athlete

Have You Been Frustrated By…

A steer that pops his patterns?

A wether that struggles with staph?

A doe that no matter what you do, doesn’t grow winning hair?

A gilt that nibbles at her feed and walks away?

A heifer that could be competitive but just doesn’t eat like she should?

A great barrow that gets less sound every day since he weighed 200 lbs.?

These problems are frustrating and can leave you feeling embarrassed to enter the ring to compete with families that have their livestock on point.

It shouldn’t be that way. You deserve products backed by a team eager to help you use them. That way you’ll stop problems like these before they happen.

It’s as Easy as 1, 2, 3

Nourish healthy and productive livestock with our veterinarian-developed, patented supplements.

Shop Our Products

Explore our range of high-quality feed and supplements and select the ones tailored to meet the unique needs of your animals.

Nourish Your Livestock

Receive your order quickly and enhance their overall health with the essential nutrients your animals need to thrive.

Compete in the Ring

With our feed and supplements in hand, you can unleash the true potential of your livestock, helping them reach peak condition and performance.

Hear From Some of Our Customers

We have been using True North products for 2-3 yrs and have seen impressive results. Doc is great to work with. Which allows us to really understand his products and see them work! My favorite product to use is turbo shag. Nothing beats it!

– Pierce Woodruff

"Fantastic, Fast and Efficient! Spectacular products! Our pigs have been healthier, stronger and bigger than ever! Thanks for all the help as well along the way!"

– Wanda Pecha

“We have been using True North products for just two months, and the amount of muscle our pigs have put on is incredible! We have loved everything from the base feeds to the supplements!”

– Alyssa Umscheid

It All Started in a Small Kitchen in 2007

Doc Farnum started True North when his own kids were showing, and he couldn’t find products that worked like they were advertised. His solution? Start making their own supplements with his family in their home kitchen.

Today, True North has moved well past the kitchen, and Doc has surrounded himself with a team of people passionate about your success in the show ring. And we must say, it’s an honor to routinely watch our customers win at county, state, major, and national shows!

Be Proud of the Animals You Take in the Show Ring

To compete, you need healthy, sound livestock. Unfortunately, they don’t always cooperate. Poor appetite, soundness issues, or hair quality can keep your gilt, heifer, or wether from looking and feeling their best. You need high-quality feed and supplements to compete. .

Our carefully crafted formulations, backed by scientific research, ensure that your animals receive the vital nutrients they need for growth, vitality, and overall well-being.

You'll feel confident that your livestock are receiving the best while being excited to bring them into the ring to compete.

Our Feed and Supplements Are Designed To…

Nourish correct skeletal development, joint health, to support overall structural soundness in livestock.

Promote a healthy gut microbiome, driving appetite and optimizing nutrient absorption.

Use cutting-edge technologies and our own patented immune modulator to support animal health and well-being.

Grab the judge’s attention and wow them at every step.

Keep you from walking in with unsound animals that only get the gate.

Get every animal to eat so they can ultimately compete.

If They Don’t Eat, You Can’t Compete

You only have 7 seconds to get the judge's attention. Let's make sure your animals are on point and stand out.

Princeton studies show first impressions happen in seconds. It’s also true for the judge’s impression of you and your animal.

Harvard Health says “A troubled intestine can send signals to the brain, just as a troubled brain can send signals to the gut.” Want your animal’s brain right? Get their gut right.

Over 90% of pigs had signs of arthritis in their joints at slaughter in a recent university study.