Improving Each Animal’s Wellness


Your kids have 9–10 seasons in their lives to learn important lessons and develop the habits needed to transform into responsible adults. These years can be derailed by their animal’s health failure, soundness issues, or even death.

At True North Technologies, we believe there is no better place to raise a kid than in a barn with their livestock. We want them to enjoy working on healthy animals with great appetites.

As such, we ensure our products work as intended and delivered in a timely manner.

Mission Statement

Animal health and well-being failures can ruin the limited show seasons of your child’s life. This is why we designed our supplements to preserve and improve the health and wellness of livestock.

Your kids will have rewarding experiences in the barn and show ring. Moreover, keeping show livestock healthy allows the youth to learn important lessons to help them grow into productive and accomplished adults.


Discover Real Results for Your Livestock

Whether your animal is dealing with inflammation, weight gain/loss issues, or recovering from an injury/illness, our proven products can help. For details about our nutritional supplements, please contact us. Visit our Dealers page to find one near you.