It doesn’t matter what species you show inflammation in growing livestock can wreak havoc.

You have a really nice barrow then one day all of a sudden, he’s shifting back and forth at the feeder.

Or a steer with less and less flex as he puts on weight. 

You know what’s coming next…

Have you ever wondered why it happens?

A big reason is inflammation in the hairpin turn.  The blood vessels that feed the growth cartilage form a hairpin turn and inflammation in that area causes a train wreck in the development of the growth plate and joint.

The picture is just to show you what we’re talking about.  All you need to know is what happens to water flow in a kinked garden hose to imagine what happens when inflammation puts pressure on the hairpin turn.

Inflammation happens there when gain increases, when we start pushing for finish, and especially when we feed beta agonists (Paylean or Optiflexx) due to the formation of free radicals and oxidation. That means the very thing we need to be competitive (appropriate finish) can create the very thing that keeps us from competing (poor movement.) If you look at joints at slaughter you’d be surprised that well over 90% of both pigs and cattle show evidence of damage to the growth plate and joint cartilage. Obviously, we can’t afford that damage in competitive show stock.

To mitigate the inflammation reducing the free radicals and introducing antioxidants is the only solution to attack the problem at its root cause. Merely lubricating the joint with glucosamine and chondroitin after the fact isn’t enough. TrueTrac for swine and TrueTrac for cattle were formulated specifically to reduce inflammation in that hairpin turn area. They’ve both been proven time and time again.