We’ve recommended an electrolyte like TruePurple when receiving show pigs for a very long time. There is nothing like it to drive water consumption which gets pigs rehydrated quickly and the added B12 has them hitting the feeder hard from the start.

Why add Provilli?  We’ll Explain

A 2D Image of the villi in the small Intestine. Enterocytes are formed at the bottom of the crypt and as they age they move up to the tip of the villi where they die, and are sloughed.  The healthier those enterocytes are, the longer they live so the villi get taller and the crypt gets deeper.

The enterocyte and the microvilli are where the real work of the gut gets done.  The more healthy enterocytes there are the better the gut works.

When we say Provilli makes the crypt deeper and the villi taller what we are really saying is that the enterocytes are healthier and live longer.

In the trials where we measured villus height and crypt depth animals that received Provilli had 24% taller and 3% thicker villi with 10% deeper crypts.

Provilli also changes the bacterial environment by decreasing “bad” bugs and increasing “good” bugs. In a lab setting we see E. coli, Salmonella, and Clostridium colonies drop to near zero within 24 hours.  At the same time, bacterial populations of beneficial species like Lactobacillus, Enterococcus, and Bifidobacterium increase. Checking for bacterial DNA in feces of live pigs confirms that what is happening in the lab also happens in the animal.

Bottom line, we recommend the combination of TruePurple and Provilli for fast hydration, driving appetite, improving the gut health, and enhancing the gut bacteria.