TNT Show Cattle Developer – Texturized

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TNT Show Cattle Developer Texturized is a palatable show cattle feed to get off to a great start or anytime in the feeding period. TNT Show Cattle Developer Texturized is formulated with added steam flaked barley, cottonseed, Rumensin, Rumen-CO, and MegaPro.
Rumen-CO and MegaPro technologies are exclusive to TNT show feeds.
MegaPro is a source of omega fatty acids that reduce inflammation, improve hair quality, enhance carcass traits, and improve efficiency.  As a bonus the reproductive benefits of omega’s are well documented, helping show heifers settle on time. 
Rumen-CO is a highly soluble cobalt improves access for the rumen microflora, improving forage utilization and B vitamin production.
These two exclusive ingredients are just part of the reason you can do more for less when you discover the True North Advantage.

Key Points:

  • TNT Show Cattle Developer is lower in energy than TNT Show Cattle Finisher.
  • A great choice for cattle that are quicker maturing or smaller framed.
  • Exclusive MegaPro technology!
  • Exclusive Rumen-CO technology!
  • Feed TNT Developer at any time in the feeding period to either steers or heifers when they need less energy and more protein.

Feeding Directions:

TNT Show Cattle Developer Texturized is very versatile.
  • Use as a creep feed, sale prep, or starter feed for show cattle.
    • ProTip: Mix 50 /50 with TNT ProCob for a 13% texturized creep or starter for show calves.
  • TNT Developer is a very palatable feed with enough fiber to get the calves going.
  • Feed it early to expand gut capacity so that down the road, the calf has the capacity to consume enough feed to finish.
  • Feed as a sole grain along with  good quality grass hay.

Nutrient Information:

Protein             14%
Fat                   4.0%
Fiber                9.0%
Form               Texturized
Medication      Rumensin


Do not allow horses or other equines access to feed containing Monensin. Ingestion of Monensin by horses has been fatal. Monensin medicated cattle feeds are safe for use in cattle only. Consumption by unapproved species may result in toxic reactions.

Additional information

Weight 52 lbs
Dimensions 24 × 18 × 6 in

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