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The Joint Supplement That Stinks…And Works!

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TrueTrac: The Joint Health Supplement for Show Pigs That Stinks …and Works!

If you’ve been feeding show pigs very long you know the knot in your stomach feeling.

The best barrow in the barn is starting to favor a leg.

You know what’s coming and his days as a show barrow are likely over.

All that time effort and money down the drain.

It shouldn’t be that way!

You deserve a product that attacks the root cause of the problem.

TrueTrac is that product.

Key Benefits:

1. Enhanced Joint Health:

TrueTrac starts with essential nutrients for joint heath. Macro minerals, key vitamins, and chelated trace minerals are the foundation. On top of that solid foundation, we add:
  • Inflammation fighting bioflavonoids & phytonutrients
  • Glucosamine, chondroitin, HA, and collagens from egg shell membrane to build synovial fluid
  • Antioxidants

2. Improved Mobility:

By attacking the problem at the source we can improve flexibility and range of motion. Allowing your show pigs to drive with authority, showcasing their full potential.

3. Faster Recovery:

TrueTrac aids in faster recovery after rigorous drives. Ensuring your show pigs remain in peak condition throughout the show season.

4. Trusted by Professionals:

TrueTrac has a proven track record. It is a staple in some of the most successful show barns in the country.

How to Use TrueTrac:

TrueTrac is easy to administer, making it a convenient addition to your show pig’s diet. Feed one or two scoops per day. From the day you bring that prospect pig home until their show career is over.


Why does TrueTrac have such a pungent odor?

A. One of the powerful sources of phytonutrients and bioflavonoids we use is an acidified citrus peel.  The acidification not only preserves the citrus peel it makes more of the active molecules available for the pig to absorb. The good news is that pigs like feeds that are acidified even though we might not find it appealing they do.

Can I start feeding it at 150 lbs? I’ve never fed a joint supplement to young pigs.

A. You can start feeding TrueTrac anytime but by not starting early you’ll be missing out on a lot of the benefit to joint health. A study we conducted in the spring of 2019 explains it well.  You can read it here. 

Additional information

Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 8 × 8 in

20oz, 48oz

35 reviews for True Trac

  1. Jeremy G

    5 Stars
    Awesome service fast delivery!! Love your products

  2. Jason P

    5 Stars
    We are starting our second year of feeding True North products and couldn’t be happier with both the products and the support we get from Doc!

  3. Josh L

    5 Stars
    Starting early and counting on this to keep them sound through the summer and fall.

  4. Dennis E

    5 Stars
    I have used it over the past couple of years and haven’t had any feet or leg problems. Prior to that, it seems that we would always have one limping or with a sore foot.

  5. LEIGH C

    5 Stars
    Love this stuff. Keeps our show pigs right on track and moving well.

  6. Ashley C

    5 Stars
    True trac is absolutely truly amazing at keeping them sound.

  7. Renee M

    5 Stars

  8. Scott A

    5 Stars
    I really like the true north products. They simply work.

  9. Ray G

    5 Stars
    Wouldn’t feed without it! Love this stuff!

  10. Cory P

    5 Stars
    Since we started using this product from start to finish, it’s undeniable what it does in the way of joint health.

  11. Joe W

    5 Stars
    great customer service and I really like the monthly discounts!

  12. LB G

    5 Stars

  13. Sarah D

    5 Stars
    Having this product in my feed room toolbox gives me some peace of mind knowing that I’m helping to prevent and protect my show animal and financial investment. It’s palatable and easy to feed.

  14. Rachel C

    5 Stars
    I don’t ever do reviews, but I felt this one was a must!!! This stuff is phenomenal. I have a hog that was doing good to get up, let alone move

  15. Luke W

    5 Stars
    Definitely the best customer service in the livestock supplement game- bar none!

  16. Wanda P

    5 Stars
    Our hogs to fantastic with this, they are healthy and strong from start to finish!

  17. Jacob J

    1 Star
    I am not big on giving negative reviews but. It doesn’t seem to have an effect and the animals don’t want to eat their food once it is mixed in there.

  18. Alan B

    5 Stars

  19. Leigh C

    5 Stars
    love this product, keeps the pigs moving freely.

  20. LB G

    5 Stars
    100% satisfied, order processed and shipped quickly

  21. Annette H

    5 Stars

  22. Leigh C

    5 Stars

  23. Misty J

    5 Stars
    Always super helpful Fast shipping Order is always correct Would recommend ???? %

  24. Lynda N

    5 Stars

  25. Ray P

    5 Stars
    Happy as a ???? in ????

  26. Rick D

    5 Stars
    I received my order in three days from the time of the confirmation email. The packaging is very good. I really appreciate the instructions on the package for feeding the supplement. I do plan to order the Turbo Shag product in December. The best part of this company is quick responses from Dr Farnum when I have specific questions.

  27. Megan W

    5 Stars

  28. Bryan K

    5 Stars
    Great products!! We use them all

  29. Lynda N

    5 Stars

  30. Crystal e

    5 Stars

  31. Josh B

    5 Stars
    Excellent customer service! Easy to order on website and ships very fast. TrueGLO CR and TrueTrac are both great products we us one our animals every year

  32. Nancy E

    5 Stars

  33. John C

    5 Stars
    Great customer service

  34. Judy R

    5 Stars
    Wow the shipping was fast I received the product so fast. I’m so glad I tried truetrac for my sons hog. He hurt his back leg we started using truetrac and it helped so much. We were worried he would not be ready for fair well he will!! Thanks for an awesome product.

  35. Linda C

    5 Stars
    Really happy with True North Swine products. The bags are resealable and each comes with a measuring scoop.

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