TNT 16% Balance – Complete Swine Show Feed

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TNT 16% Balance is the 16% of choice as it allows you to balance growth rate and muscle development. TNT 16% Balance is a safe choice that develops a show ready look. If you need add muscle shape check out 18% TNT Shape or if your pig’s muscle is ahead of their skeleton check out TNT 10% Melt


TNT Exclusive Technologies!

Discover the technologies exclusive to True North Show Feed worth over 20% more per bag than popular brands based on commodity ingredients.

  1. MegaPro a source of omega fatty acids that reduce inflammation, improve hair quality, enhance carcass traits, and improve efficiency.
  2. DYC 1000 is a specific formulation of highly concentrated yeast culture to improve gut health, digestibility, palatability, natural B vitamins, and fermented protein. This specific yeast is so high quality once we saw it we didn’t hesitate to make it the exclusive yeast for True North Show Feeds and Supplements.
  3. Net energy formulation for more precise and repeatable animal performance and growth than the archaic energy calculations being used to formulate most show feed.

Feeding Directions:

Feed as the sole ration to show pigs that need to balanced growth.

TNT 16% Balance is the safe feed to develop a balance show ready look.

Nutrient Information:

Protein 16%

Lysine 1.1%

Fat 5%

Fiber 3%

Additional information

Weight 52 lbs
Dimensions 24 × 18 × 6 in

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