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Chill Calming Supplement Designed for Pigs

One of the most frequent product requests we’ve gotten at True North in the past few years has been for a natural, drug-free product that helps to calm pigs who are acting up in the ring or are difficult to train. The resulting product, Chill, is specially formulated as a calming supplement to help calm your pig in times of stress. Chill comes in a three-pound bucket which is enough for several pigs and shows. It is in a milk replacer base and is very palatable, so you have the flexibility to feed it wet or dry.

We use highly available glycinated magnesium in Chill.  Magnesium is important for proper functioning of the calcium channel in muscles. Many customers use it for 4 days prior to show as a show prep product to support smooth long strides when driving hard.

Feed Chill at the rate of one scoop per pig. Some pigs respond to a single dose, while others may require two doses.

This natural, drug-free product helps calm those pigs that want to act up in the ring or are difficult to train.


Additional information

Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 8 × 8 in

3 reviews for Chill

  1. Jacob J

    Jacob J
    5 Stars
    Chill works great! Our pigs are relaxed during and after the show. It works so good they don’t want to get off of the trailer when we get home.

  2. Heather R

    Heather R
    5 Stars

  3. Michael L

    Michael L
    5 Stars
    Started giving the product Chill to our spot gilt two days before the show and continued through show day. She hit the ring and not a word from her. We like the product for sure!

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