True Purple

A ready to use acidified electrolyte with added vitamins and osmolytes.

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TruePurple a ready to use acidified electrolyte with added vitamins and osmolytes.

Your show pig is up to 80 percent water. That means water is a huge factor in feed consumption and ultimately makes a big difference in your pigs’ performance. TruePurple is a high-energy acidified show day electrolyte with a boost of vitamin B-12 .

Use of TruePURPLE a ready to use acidified electrolyte with added vitamins and osmolytes:

  • Before and during transport to help your show pig overcome stress
  • When starting new pigs on feed to help them adapt to their new environment, feed, and water.
  • At stock shows to keep your pig full, fresh, hydrated, and hungry
  • To hydrate muscle and optimize top-shape expression
  • During times of heat or disease stress to improve feed consumption
  • To help pigs recover from setbacks

TruePurple comes in a 32 ounce twin neck bottle for easy administration.

Provide nutritional support to your pig and optimize hydration with TruePurple, a high-energy electrolyte with a boost of vitamins. This product keeps your pig full, fresh, hydrated, and hungry even in stressful conditions.

Electrolytes are a great cost effective way to hydrate muscle for the show day pop we are all seeking.  However, there are pigs that do not tolerate electrolytes and get tighter moving / shorter strided.

The osmolytes in TruePurple help increase the percentage of pigs that will tolerate electrolytes  Osmolytes help preserve intracellular conditions for optimal metabolic activities and protect against osmotic stress. But there are still going to be pigs that will not tolerate electrolytes.  For those pigs we suggest TruePOP.

Since TruePurple is ready to use you can simply drop your tube from your medicator right in the bottle and meter it at 1 oz per gallon.  If you don’t have a medicator just use the handy measure to put one ounce in a gallon of drinking water.

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Weight 4 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 10 in

4 reviews for True Purple

  1. Josh L

    Josh L
    5 Stars
    Really helped with some health challenges after mixing pigs from several places. Pigs bounced back quicker.

  2. Joseph K

    Joseph K
    5 Stars

  3. Stewart B

    Stewart B
    5 Stars
    Great service and fast shipping!

  4. Chelsea P

    Chelsea P
    5 Stars
    Love this product!

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